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Tips from the Experts

Our experts are constantly looking for new ways for turning garages into Ultimate Garages. Check this page regularly for great tips on garage design, construction, tools, and materials. Whenever and wherever we find a great idea, we'll make sure to share it with you.

Garage Tips

Add Extra Space for a Doorway and Workbench
Adding just three feet to your garage can make a world of difference if you use that extra space for a workbench and a full-size entry door.
Put Feet or Casters on Your Cabinets
Go into any professional or high-end residential garage and invariably the cabinets are on either casters or feet. There are three good reasons for this.
Make Epoxy Painted Floors Your First Upgrade
Of all the garages I've visited over the years, and that's getting to be near 100, only four did not have epoxy paint coating the floor.
Plan for Plumbing
When thinking about plumbing for your garage, at a minimum you're going to need to install waste lines. If you're going to install running water, however, you really need to plan ahead.
Wooden Walls Offer More Flexibility than Drywall
Drywall is the least expensive way to cover the insulation. But if you really want to upgrade your garage, cover your interior walls with wood.
Place Racks Above Doors to Use Space
The space above the door when it is open is wasted unless you install a rack system. I've seen bicycles, kayaks and canoes, big ladders, and boxes stored above garage doors.
Upgrade the Wiring to 240 Volts
You can find lifts and other heavy-duty tools that operate on 120 volts, but equipment with 240-volt motors greatly increases the speed of operation.
Extraordinary Floors Make a Lasting Impression
When your garage is designed to also host events, you don't want just an ordinary floor. One way to make your garage more civilized is to install ceramic tiles over the concrete or use pressed concrete.
Think Creatively to Crack the Building Code
If your attached garage includes a bonus room it may not conform to local building codes. You may have to get creative to get inspectors to approve plans with bathrooms and closets.
Elevate Your Cars to Create More Space
If you have more cars than you do garage space, the quickest way to create room is to add floor-mounted, four-post lifts. As an added benefit, they allow access to the underside of the car for maintenance and repairs.
Create Easy Access to Compressed Air
By putting the compressed air plumbing in the walls, you'll have access to compressed air anywhere in the garage and you can hide your air compressor in the corner of the garage or even better, outside.
Grade Your Floors Toward the Doors
When you're pouring a new concrete floor for your ultimate garage, slant the floor slightly toward the garage doors a drop of two inches for every 20 feet. This makes it easy to roll your classic or antique car out of the garage before starting it.

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