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Inspired by their passions, with few or no restrictions, the country's top enthusiasts have created the Ultimate Garages. We celebrate these collectors and motor nuts as we visit their secret automotive shrines and learn how to create a garage where we can comfortably spend time with cars, friends and fellow enthusiasts.

We will visit and review Ultimate Garages of all sizes, shapes and budgets, so check back often because we'll be adding new Ultimate Garages soon.

Dream Come True
"I always wanted Ferraris," admits Jon Shirley, "but... I never really considered owning them." This was, of course, before Shirley worked his way up to president of mega-giant Microsoft.
An Artist's Dream Space
When J. Paul Nesse was three years old he could name every brand of American car on the road.
Living Next to Car People
Curt Catallo, son of the late creator of the famed little Deuce Coupe, watches over his father's car collection in a renovated Methodist church.
He Loves Driving
Californian Buddy Pepp grew up in the mecca of hot-rodding and car love of California, and hung out down the street of his childhood home at a gas station where the employees all had hot rods.
Special Effects
The fake birds' nests in the corners of the ceiling of Guy Webster's motorcycle garage are a tip that details are important to him.
A Builder's Garage
Peter McCoy is one of those collectors who doesn't want his cars farther than 200 feet from his bedroom.
The Genetic Trait
Further proof that sometimes the car gene is handed down through generations, Mark Lambert's grandfather owned race teams in Indiana, his father rode shotgun in the pace car at the 1930 Indianapolis 500, and he now restores classic American and British cars.
A Healthy Obsession
Stanley Gold is an example of what can happen when enthusiasm for a specific brand grabs hold like an obsession.
Historic Parking Ahead
Yates acquired the nickname "Assassin" for scathing reviews he wrote about new cars he didn't like. But no label accurately captures the passion for cars that comes out when he talks about his carriage house.
This is the Original
Bruce Meyer is a man eager to share. A toy company made a miniature copy of his 13-car garage to use as the packaging for a set of expensive toy versions of four of America's most famous cars.
A Frame for Great Art
Touring David Sydorick's recently expanded garage in California you are taken into the environment that you might imagine famed designers Zagato and Pinin Farina had planned for their specially bodied Alfa Romeos and Ferraris and Maseratis all along.

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