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Griot's Garage Lights

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by Phil Berg
Thursday, July 6, 2006

Top garages we’ve seen build recessed fluorescent lighting into the walls, to better light the sides and underneath of a car. But you always need extra shop lights to see deeper inside. So we turned to Griot’s, the upper end garage supplier for guys who really like being in the Ferrari clubs. Griot’s sells two lights that we think work really well — better than anything on the market. One is the Long Reach Dock Light ($180) and the other is the Professional Light Tower ($80).

Two 500-watt halogen bulbs burn brightly in the dock light, and a handle on top lets you aim at tight spots. The lamp also extends out seven feet. The twin-bulb Light Tower uses two 500-watt halogen bulbs, which will light up your whole garage on their adjustable seven-foot tripod stand. The twin lamps are removable with a simple thumb screw, and have a built-in floor stand for lighting low areas. We had to ship some big equipment downtown at the freight depot, and we saw the very same dock lights installed in every truck unloading bay.

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