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Slide-Lok Modular Cabinets

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by Phil Berg
Thursday, July 6, 2006

For garage duty, Slide-Lok modular cabinets are now the standard. The cabinets’ precisely dovetailed slots and grooves mean the joints are stronger than the material, a thermo-fused plywood and medium density fiberboard combo that’s laminated with chemical and weather-resistant melamine. The Slide-Lok base and standing cabinets sit on non-rusting plastic feet that adjust individually from 3.5-inches to 6-inches to compensate for the slope in your garage floor. Dual pin brackets hold the shelves in place. Floor cabinets come 16- and 24-inches deep, and wall cabinets 12- and 16-inches deep. The finish is white maple, natural maple, or whitewashed oak.

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