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Jack from Norfolk, VA asks:
June 24, 2006
I'm a Chevy fanatic. I own a '57 BelAire and want to make my garage a shrine to her. Where can I go to find signs, old brochures, ads and other similar Chevy memorabilia?
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Bob from Binghamton, NY asks:
June 13, 2006
I am designing a house with an attached garage. Are there any hints you can offer me about what works and what doesn’t as far as design goes?
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Alexandra from Highland Park, IL asks:
June 1, 2006
We have an attached garage and my husband spends a lot of his time working on and restoring our old mustang. Even though he leaves the garage doors open when he runs the starts the engine, I sometimes worry that I can still smell exhaust fumes when he’s done. What should I do to make sure the air is safe?
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Eric from Los Angeles, CA asks:
May 24, 2006
I just built a brand new garage and I already have an oil stain right in the middle of my concrete floor. What's the best way to remove oil stains?
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