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Garage Tip

Epoxy floor coatings are simple to clean, durable, and look terrific.

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Make Epoxy Painted Floors Your First Upgrade

Of all the garages I've visited over the years, and that's getting to be near 100, only four did not have epoxy paint coating the floor. Some owners hired professionals to coat their floors with epoxy and have been very happy with both the result and reasonable price. Others have done it themselves to great success. This is the most common upgrade I've seen among all the garages I've been in, and for good reason. Epoxy paint looks great, it's easy to clean, and it lasts. Even still, in one Ultimate Garage used for restoring Corvettes, the owner covers his epoxy floors with old carpet remnants that he discards after each project. This helps muffle the sound when he drops tools, and the old carpet absorbs spills and prevents scratching. Whether you use carpets or not, applying Epoxy Paint to the floor of your garage should be the first project you undertake.

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