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Upgrade the Wiring to 240 Volts

If you're building an Ultimate Garage, you should have the ultimate in power. You can find lifts and other heavy-duty tools that operate on 120 volts, but the owners I've visited all report that upgrading to equipment with 240-volt motors greatly increases the speed of operation. It's also mandatory if you're going to be doing any light welding. I've also been told that upgrading to 240-volt compressors and electric tools has its advantages. They work more efficiently and quickly than their 120-volt counterparts. It's an easy job for an electrician to do in and attached garage. He'll install a subpanel in the garage that draws its power from the main panel in the house. For a detached garage, you'll want to bury two conduits at least a foot apart for your wiring. One will carry your 240-volt service, while the other is for structure wiring for phones, computers and your home entertainment center.

Most lifts are quicker with 240-volt service.

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