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Grade Your Floors Toward the Doors

When you're pouring a new concrete floor for your ultimate garage, slant the floor slightly toward the garage doors a drop of two inches for every 20 feet. The reason for this is simple. Whenever you start a classic or antique car's engine, it's likely to drip oil, coolant or gasoline through again seals and gaskets, thus staining the floor. Slanting your floor allows you to roll your cars out of the garage easily before starting them. Keeping your floor looking new. Other advantages include keeping exhaust fumes out of the garage, as well as making the garage floor easier to clean. And if you ever want to wash your car in the garage, the slant helps drain the water outside. I've seen this feature in garages with poured and pressed concrete as well as those with tile floors. The slope is barely noticeable when you're walking around.

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