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Garage Tip

Behind the large wooden chair rails on the walls are compressed air lines.

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Create Easy Access to Compressed Air

If your garage walls are unfinished to the inside, or you're building a new garage, now is the time to install compressed air lines. By putting the compressed air plumbing in the walls, you'll have access to compressed air anywhere in the garage and you can hide your air compressor in the corner of the garage or even better, outside. Air compressors are notoriously loud and those with larger, heavier tanks work better, reducing the number of compression cycles. They're also hard to haul around the garage. Most stationary systems are not built into the walls, but have the compressed air lines running to a central point in the ceiling with a retractable hose. This can cause problems if a hose drops and dents your car. They can also hang up on the surface and scratch it. If you put multiple outlets in your walls, you never have to run the hose across the surface of the car to use your air tools. Most of the ultimate garage owners I've met say in wall air plumbing is the one thing they'd change about their garage. The small portable compressors they use are less than optimal for the projects they're undertaking.

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