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Because this garage is 20 feet deep instead of the normal 15 feet, it has room for a workbench.

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Add Extra Space for a Doorway and Workbench

If you’re building a new home or putting on an addition, adding just three feet to your garage can make a world of difference. You can use that extra space for a workbench and a full-size entry door, which new garages don’t have. Most builders and remodeling contractors assume you go from your car right to your house when you pull in the garage. Car nuts don’t live that way. Most of them have more cars than spaces in their garage. So they put special cars in it and their daily drivers stay outside. All of the Ultimate Garage owners I’ve met spend more time in their garages than in their living rooms. They use their garages to work on cars so expanding the back or side of the garage just three feet will give you plenty of room for a workbench. One confirmed car restorer built his workbenches the width of a carpet runner, which covers the bench and is two-feet wide. When the inexpensive runner is full of grease and grime, he replaces it.

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