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Garage Tip

Casters on the engine lift, arbor press, drill press and workbenches allow this garage to be cleaned and reconfigured easily.

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Put Feet or Casters on Your Cabinets

Go into any professional or high-end residential garage and invariably the cabinets are on either casters or feet. There are three good reasons for this. First, it gets the cabinets up off the floor, which makes it easier to clean all the fluids and dust. Second, because the floors in garages are notoriously uneven, adjustable feet allow you to level your cabinets no matter where you put them in your garage. And third, if you put casters on all your cabinets and heavy bench mounted tools like arbor presses, it's easier to move them around to help you accommodate any type of project you may have. In a two-car garage I visited, the owner was assembling a Zenith Zodiac airplane kit with caster equipped jigs holding the wings. When your garage is equipped this way, you can roll all your benches and heavy tools out after you've finished a project to get the place clean.

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