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Garage Tip

These floors are pressed and stained concrete, and copy the stone courtyard outside.

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Extraordinary Floors Make a Lasting Impression

Several of the Ultimate Garages we've visited were designed to store cars and serve as gathering places for dinner parties and banquets. Lynn Park, an avid Cobra collector, restorer and driver, even mentions that his neighbors drop by when their friends and families come into town to have their pictures taken in front of his amazing 12-car garage. When your garage is designed to also host events, you don't want just an ordinary floor. One way to make your garage more civilized is to install ceramic tiles over the concrete. We recommend using tiles 24 inches square or larger to minimize the grout lines and prefer colors like dark grey or charcoal. Pressed concrete is another excellent option. It employs a mold while the concrete is curing to make it look like tile or stone. It's durable and easy to clean when finished with a gloss sealer, and the effects can be dramatic. Either of these techniques can really enhance the image of your garage making it a comfortable place to entertain guests. Especially when the cars are rolled out onto the lawn, encouraging guests to mingle around the cars and in the garage.

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