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This second floor is allowed so long as it has no closets or plumbing.

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Think Creatively to Crack the Building Code

If your attached garage plans include a bonus room in the attic space or anywhere else in the structure, it may not conform to local building codes for single-family zoning. You may be planning on using the room for an office, workout room, machine shop or guest room, but many inspectors won't approve plans with rooms that have bathrooms and closets. Their fear is that you might rent the space. Now is the time to get creative. One owner of a three-car garage on the East Coast had the closets removed from the plans. According to code without closets, it no longer qualified as living space, even though it had a full bathroom. In another ultimate garage in the Midwest, the stairway to the second floor qualified it as living space. The solution was to install a folding staircase, hinged halfway up from the first floor, calling it an attic access. Some towns and cities put restrictions on the size of garages in relation to the size of the house. In Los Angeles this is roughly one quarter the size of the house. If you want a bigger garage, you can add to your house, or do as one brilliant Ultimate Garages owner did and list his structure as a "Private Museum" which is exempt from the garage building codes.

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