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Garage Tip

This subdivision three-car garage holds four cars and ten bikes thanks to lifts.

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Elevate Your Cars to Create More Space

If you have more cars than you do garage space, the quickest way to create room is to add floor-mounted, four-post lifts. The smaller sizes start around $3000. Most have two treads that you drive your car onto that hold the car up. As an added benefit, they allow access to the underside of the car for maintenance and repairs. If you have an older or antique car on the lift that is likely to drip fluids or oils, you can add removable trays to catch the drips. If you live in an earthquake zone, you can't permanently attach the lift to the floor, elsewhere in the country, it's a good idea. In taller garages, you will have to install shaft drive garage door openers. Chain- and screw-type openers are limited in how high above the doors they can be mounted. On the main floor if you have more space than openings, wheel rollers allow you to move the cars around on casters so you can slide the cars into tight spaces.

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