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Garage Tip

The wall-mounted urinal is fully functional, and adds to garage atmosphere.

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Plan for Plumbing

When thinking about plumbing for your garage, at a minimum you're going to need to install waste lines for emptying drink bottles and draining water used to clean the garage. Floor drains for new garages almost always need a chemical trap installed so that oil, anti-freeze and other fluids don't flow into the storm drain, septic system or the ground. Typically, these traps are like small septic tanks that separate the fluids from the water. You'll need to pump them out periodically and dispose of the fluids at the recycling center. If you're only putting in waste lines, they don't need to be frost-proofed. If you're going to install running water for set tubs, hoses and bathrooms, you really need to plan ahead. In the north, you'll need to install heat so the pipes won't freeze. Either way, it makes sense to install a floor drain so you can wash your car indoors and hose down the floor when it gets dirty.

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