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Barn wood from three states away is used to hold memorabilia on walls.

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Wooden Walls Offer More Flexibility than Drywall

A lot of garages use drywall to cover the insulation in garages because it's the least expensive way to comply with fire codes. But if you really want to upgrade your garage both functionally and aesthetically, cover your interior walls with wood instead. I've seen quite a few garages that use plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and even rustic barn wood to finish the walls. Depending on your tastes, these walls can be painted, stained or left bare. In one of the many Ultimate Garages I visited, the owner used OSB because he spends a lot of time on different projects and it was much easier to put hooks and tacks in the wall to hold large chassis blueprints, wiring diagrams, and photographs. He filled the gaps between the panels with caulk and painted all the walls white with a semi-gloss paint. This made the garage feel larger and really well lit. Another owner bought an old barn that was being torn down in Colorado and had the boards trucked two states away where he was building his garage. The interior barn wood walls look rustic and have the added benefit of holding hooks and mounting brackets for tools better than drywall ever could.

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